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Legal advice and representation services in:

Legal advice and representation services in:

Civil Law

People, their rights, obligations, contractual relations and patrimony are our priority.

Real Estate Law

Our advice covers everything necessary to provide legal security in all types of actions related to real estate and its exploitation. Title study, licence process, negotiation, and preparation of contracts that regulate real estate occupation.

Commercial Law

We not only know about the law, but we also understand business. Our advice is to optimize the strategies of our clients, promote their growth, defend their rights, and promote the fulfillment of their duties. We perform our services in related topics such as competition law, consumer law, Intellectual property, and data protection.

Corporate Law

We offer comprehensive advice on corporate law, company incorporation, design and choice of national and foreign investment vehicles, contracts, and, in general, all the support for efficient corporate management.


We know that any natural or legal person can go through a difficult time. For this reason, at Castrillón & Cárdenas, we have an area specialized in Insolvency, where we provide the support to undertake your recovery, offering a wide range of negotiation alternatives with your creditors. We are your ally for the restoration of your finances and commercial projects.

Tax, Exchange and Customs Law

We advise our clients in the compliance of their national and international tax obligations. Likewise, we have specialized professionals who will offer you a global support in tax planning, in order to optimize your finances.

Besides, we advise individuals and entities, both in Colombia and abroad, to design strategic alternatives for the proper conduct of global operations and foreign investment, always ensuring effective compliance with money exchange and customs regulations. We offer a wide range of experience and interdisciplinary knowledge to direct complex operations, always prioritizing our clients’ satisfaction and interests.

Sports & Entertainment

Legal services to athletes, agents and sports entities, in matters such as: prevention and resolution of national and international disputes, contracting, image, sponsorship, good governance, discipline, doping and taxation.

Areas of practice Advisory services and legal representation in: Likewise, advice on image rights, copyrights and related rights in the entertainment industry.

Family Law

As a fundamental cell of society, our portfolio has solid tools for its protection, whatever its composition. Experience in topics such as inheritance, maintenance, and divorce regulations.

Extinction of Ownership

Do you know how to defend yourself against the State in a forfeiture of ownership process, whose process is arbitrary, violating all the minimum guarantees of rights and due process? At Castrillón & Cárdenas Abogados Consultores S.A.S. we have an area specialized exclusively in forfeiture of ownership processes, composed of lawyers specialized in Criminal Law and other interdisciplinary professionals such as Forensic Accountants for the study and justification of assets through the accounting opinion. We have experience in proven successful cases for more than 10 years in asset forfeiture processes.

Criminal Law

We put at your service a team that works harmoniously to offer support, advice, and specialized professional representation that guarantees technical defense. Likewise, we design corporate compliance plans adapted to international standards.

Administrative Law

We provide public entities and individuals, in their relationship with the State, with comprehensive advice.

Our services include: the management of all types of legal actions before public agencies, constitutional actions, and the planning, conclusion and execution of contracts with state entities.

Employment Law

We know the frame Between workers and employers. Thus, we offer a timely and effective accompaniment. We provide strategic solutions on contracts, Internal Labor Regulations, disciplinary processes, collective labor law, and healthcare system

Dispute Resolution

An inadequate settlement is better than a good lawsuit. Therefore, in our firm, we always opt for a preventive vision, to exhaust all the avenues that lead to a correct agreement that avoids unnecessary litigation situations. In turn, we have extensive and satisfactory experience in arbitration litigation.

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